About Cardiff Bay Rotary

Community Project - Grange Gardens Pavilion

As part of our commitment to the Grangetown area of the city we have been supporting the regeneration of the old bowls pavilion by the local residents into a hub for the use by the local community.

This has been a significant commitment with some success to date in that our seed funding for the project has generated a lottery grant, with the possibility of further funds in future. 

A typical start up venture at the pavilion is the Hideout, a community coffee shop, which is trying to help homeless people, care for the environment, and help young people get jobs. They will also hold community events to bring people closer together, for example every two weeks they’ll have a different cultural group represented which will give them a chance to talk to the community.

The cafe also operates a “buy one gift one” coffee scheme where customers can buy an additional drink for someone in need. The cafe is also eco-friendly, with up-cycled furniture, recyclable coffee cups and beans roasted down by Cardiff Bay (not us) and a bookshelf where people are free to swap books with one another or grab one if they’re buying a coffee. In future the team hope to train local youngsters to become baristas in the hope they can use the skills they’ve gained to get a job.