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International Project - Disease Prevention in India

A £60,000 Rotary Foundation Global Grant between Cardiff Bay Rotary and seven Rotary clubs in District 3131 in India, led by the new, all female, Rotary Club of Pune Inspira, is addressing the challenge of safe disposal of sanitary napkins, thereby improving both disease prevention and the environment. 

It takes about 500 years for sanitary napkins to decompose, which is harmful for our environment and inhuman for the rag pickers. According to scientific research incineration is the best way to dispose the sanitary napkins and reduces the effects on the environment by 95%. This project involves the installation of 178 incinerators across Pune city in colleges, girl’s hostels, Mahila Ashrams, schools and public places and malls. 

Cardiff Bay’s contribution to this project is £9,500 with the balance coming from contributions from the Indian Rotary clubs and matching by Rotary Foundation grants from both Districts’ Designated Funds and the World Fund.

This project was conceptualized by Rotarian Smita Vikhankar in response to local needs and was designed, submitted and approved within three months. Delivery by local Rotarians will take another three months to conclusion.

What makes this project successful are the attributes which were identified in the new Grants Model – a well researched needs assessment, committed Rotarians, sustainability, excellent training and the effective execution of the plan. 

The Rotary Club of Pune Inspira has picked up many awards for this innovative project in India and is certainly an inspiration to others.